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You Shall Not Pass!

You shall not pass…
The set is inspired by „The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, writed by J.R.R. Tolkien. It’s the one of the most famous fantasy stories all around the world. First book appeared in 1954 but even today new generations are fascinated by the story.
 …I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor…
The set shows famous scene from „Fellowship of the Ring”. The Fellowship have to travel throught the Mines of Moria, ancient cave in mountains, long time before left by dwarfs. They have accidentaly waken up monster from depths of the world – „the fire and shadow”. It’s the Balrog, demon of the ancient world. Their leader – wizard Gandalf the Grey – stands up to a duel with Balrog to defend the rest of the group. The title „YOU SHALL NOT PASS” comes from his spell.
…The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn…
Back in 2012, when the series of 12 LotR sets was released by LEGO, the Balrog was the most missing character not only for me. That’s why I decided to build it. Few weeks later I found the LEGO Ideas website, where it came out that if my project claims 10 000 supporters, it will be a big chance for return of the series and everyone could play with the long-missing Balrog set.
…Come back to the shadow!..
„YOU SHALL NOT PASS” set contains:
- Three parts of the bridge – two sides and the falling part between them.
- Balrog himself with his „blade like a stabbing tongue of fire” and „a whip of many thongs”. There are also two flames symbolising the aura of fire that was appearing around him. He can move his hands, elbows, arms, head, tail, legs and feet, he can even move around.
- Gandalf the Grey, his staff and sword "Glamdring". He has a special beard piece. He also has the defending charm for his wand.
There’s also a special function. It comes from the moment, when Gandalf broke the brigde with his wand to make Balrog fell from it.
You can click the button with a wand – it makes blockages go back and part may fall down. Blockages automatically come back.
If you enjoy the model or want the Balrog to become official LEGO character please support this project.
Thank you in advance!

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