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Double-Decker Train With Sliding Doors


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This is my creation for something that I wanted since forever: A double-decker Lego train! This one comes with one engine, one 2nd class coach and one 1st class coach. It also features realistic sliding doors!

I built this as a bit of a challenge to myself: making a double-decker train within the scale of Lego’s trains (6 studs wide with little exceptions and no longer than the longest train chassis) and keep it as small as possible but the minifigures need to be able to stand up on both decks. I wanted to make it as realistic as possible, as well as giving it the most amount of playability, which is why it features sliding doors. It is inspired by many different real-life trains, but not modeled after any particular one.

Engine: The engine comes with a compartment for the driver and seating space for 8 minifigures on the upper deck and 4 minifigures on the lower deck. There is also space to take your bike on the train! The front of the train can be removed to add additional coupling, so it can be attached to other trains. It can be fitted with both the new powered up motor (with the battery box stored in the area between the two decks) and the old 9V motor. It’s also possible to fit the headlights with powered up lights.

2nd class car: The 2nd class car has a toilet on the lower deck as well as a small newspaper stand in the back for the free daily newspaper. It has space for 5 minifigures on the lower deck and 9 minifigures on the upper deck.

1st class car: The 1st class car has a toilet on the lower deck as well. The lower deck serves as a quiet compartment where business travelers can work in peace. It also features a newspaper stand with a selection of the financial news and other business magazines. The seats are more comfortable and offer more space, which also means less seats per car. It still holds 4 minifigures on the lower and 8 minifigures on the upper deck.

With its low position for the entrance, it is also perfectly fitted to allow wheelchairs, bikes and strollers onto the train!

For those that like long trains and would like to have it in double the length: with the addition of only 8 parts (last picture), it would be possible to build a connecting bogie between 2 sets. 

The Minifigures are more of a random assortment since there will be all different kinds of travelers onboard😊 there should be a train driver and conductor included though.

I hope you like this Idea and I thank you for your support 😊

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