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Multi-Axis Trainer for Project Gemini

This is directly inspired by the movie First Man, directed by Damien Chezelle staring Ryan Gosling.
There is a scene which all the astronauts had to get tumbled around in this multi-axis trainer, and some of them vomited after the training. I just think it must be very fun to duplicate the scene in LEGO, because most LEGO NASA builds are spacecrafts and not enough attention is given to the effort spent on earth. This build shows the collective effort NASA staffs had spent.
The first floor of this build is the multi-axis trainer itself and the control platform. The second floor is where dizzy astronauts go vomit :D
You can check out the side by side comparison video
See the images as if you are watching the scene in sequence. The last 2 images are overview of the build.

Enjoy :D

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