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Virgin Cruises New Ship "Scarlet Lady"


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Virgin Cruises new ship named in July this year (2018)  as "Scarlet Lady" is the first of three new ships. 

"Scarlet Lady" will start sailing in 2020 and is currently being fitted out. The ship is 110,000 tons and will hold 2700 passengers, it is 278 mtrs long and 38 mtrs wide.

The Lego model is based on a 1.500 scale and uses Lego architectural  blocks as its main source with approximately 1500 bricks used.

The target market for this model would be passeners on board, who would want something to take home, that is of good quality either as a souvenir or as a gift. Having been on other cruise ships there are few models for sale on board cruise ships and those that are are for sale are very cheaply made and of poor quality. I spoke with one onboard shop manager who said in her opinion a Lego cruise ship model would sell well especially if was an "exclusive only on board" item.

A Lego model I think would do well. Further models could be made of the other future  Virgin ships and terminal buildings, docks etc to add to the range.

Hope you like this project.

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