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Sea Sport Boat

Hi, Sea Sport Boat is a stylized sport boat.

I made it part of a challenge: to use only the pieces that share the same storage box (not well sorted).
It turned out good thanks to the WBT practice (Whacky Building Technic).

The build includes several unique links technics, and blend together cubic aesthetics with a more realistic one, the boat is strong enough to play with it, or you can just slide it in the support to display.

It is really pleasant to hold in your hands, thanks to the various technics, some parts are cubic, others are smooth.
I believe this set is a lot of fun to play with, there's an infinite amount of details.
If you have enough imagination, some parts are built to really look like a bench for example, other parts are a little bit abstract, so you can give it the meaning you want. Also, because of its unique look, you may just want to display it on its display stand which is built very simply, yet we can guess water and waves.

The sliding motion to hook the boat on the display stand is very satisfying.

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