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Lego Fish and Chip Shop


This is a small model of a classic British Fish and Chip shop in Lego! (That is fried fish and french fries!)

From the ouside the chip shop is advertised by a large orange fish sign, which would be printed of have  sticker with the shops logo on. The roof border and door handle are decorated with complementary  line green and orange bricks.

Inside the customer waiting area is simple, with a cool lime green, white, and red tiled floor, with our happy lego customer with his portion of chips in wrapping paper! You can see the cooked fried food, in this case two lego fish on the hot plate through the glass hot plate windows.

Behind the counter is the shops till, and card machine, ketchup and salt dispenser and a counter.

In the main cooking area is where the second mini figure and owner; the chef, works. It contains the deep fat fryers, complete with temperature guage and various fried accessories; fish cakes, potato cakes, and chips. There is also a lego fridge for storage of the food before cooking, and of drinks to sell to the customers. The whole area is complete with a black and white tiled floor.

The idea of this set was to make a small modular building with around 200 simple and easy to find bricks (This has around 233 currently all of which were available on pick a brick at the time). This meant that finding and buying the bricks was a cheap and simple process, and the set cost was kept fairly low, whilst adding a fun structure to lego city!

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