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Standardized Car Design

When I was younger, I always had trouble building Lego cars - or at least, ones that looked any good. I recently purchased Lego kit 3648, containing two cars of a design I had not seen before. Using a few pieces of relatively oblique design, from which an efficient chassis can be made:

This offers an endless variety of different vehicle profiles which can me made from one staring point. To demonstrate this I have digitized mock-ups of the two special pieces shown above:

From here I have digitally designed three "shells" that work with the chassis design. They are all civilian cars, as service vehicles are already taken care of. Hence my pitch here is twofold: One - the designs below to be either implemented into existing Lego city kits to increase their complexity and the enjoyment factor, and Two - to install the chassis piece and "bull-bar" piece into Lego Digital Designer, such that Lego enthusiasts can design their own custom cars from home and order them.

From left to right: a sportscar, a ute and a classic chevy. Colours have not been considered due to the limitations of the program.

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