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NASA: Spirit


Spirit was an amazing invention; a machine that could go to Mars, a high tech rover, and an amazing tool for discovery. Obviously, NASA did an amazing job creating this machine... and obviously, this loved rover would look just fantastic as a Lego set.

Lego Spirit brings together Lego technic pieces and Lego classic bricks in a mildly complex structure. The top of the rover snaps up, revealing a sample container and Spirit's well known solar panels. The long arm of the rover lets it grab on to many things, such as the sample container, while it's long, flexible front wheels support it very well.


Lego Spirit has many moving parts listed here: 6 rolling tires, 3 areas of flexibility on the front wheel stalks, 2 moving head and neck pieces, opening top, 4 areas of flexibility on the arm and claw, moving lights, tilting wheel base (lifts up and down), and moving solar panels.


Please support this project, and then, maybe, we will find out the secrets of Mars with this Lego rover; Spirit.

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