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Excursion (Space Dragster)

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I propose a sleek black and white spaceship called Excursion. Excursion means adventure. This ship is meant to fly through the cosmos at great speeds. Excursion is a space dragster with powerfull weapons such as the six machine gun turrets on the bottom of each wing. The pilot has made a few upgrades such as the rotating turret and the twin jet engines. These move along with the central engine. The two fins in the back can move up and down. Three landing gear are placed on the bottom and can be put into landed or flight mode. If you remove the cockpit you will find three control panels for the operator. Behind the drivers seat is a window where you can view the generator that powers the three engines. The pilot has a red torso with gray pants. He also has a white helmet with a black visor which goes great with the color scheme of Excursion. Under the visor is a happy and content face. Headlights are at the front of the ship. I built it because I wanted to make a cool looking spaceship I think it will make a good lego set because the black and white make a great looking model and will be fun for kids of all ages. (This is not from any Sci-fi films or books I created this.)

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