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Cobra Kai: The Way of The Fist

Cobra Kai: The Way of The Fist is a set based on the Original series Cobra Kai. I built this set purely based on my love for the show as well as the movie franchise that preceded it. I believe that it would make a great set based on the fact of nostalgia alone. The majority of people have at least heard of The original franchise, while even more have heard of the continuation.

Set Includes

  • Four minifigures based off the show. Johnny Lawrence, Miguel Diaz, Daniel Larusso and Robby Keene.
  •  Build of stage with mat and scoreboard
  •  Locker area builds for teams Cobra Kai and Myagi-Do
  •  Bleacher builds for other fans of karate to watch the All-Valley Tournament.

That is my idea, and I hope that it will strike hard, strike first, and have no mercy to get to 10K supporters so it can become a reality.

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