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Apocalypse Walker

‘THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! A shape appears on the horizon, masked by a veil of smog and dust. Slowly but surely, features begin to emerge, four broad legs wading through the smoke and an antennae draped in wires that I doubt all have a use. Then it stops. The vapour clears and the beast is revealed in all its glistening beauty: a giant hunk of metal clad in battered old armour’

Roam the post apocalyptic landscape in this beaten up old walker! It may be scruffy but it’s full of character and fun details like the opening roof and articulated legs.

This set would look great on display and could no doubt be adapted for play too (despite the included play features it is quite un-sturdy). As you can see in the pictures, the legs are easily removed for transport too. The walker itself is crammed full of detail with even the underside built up with greebling and there is a relatively accessible interior too. I have included a small area of scenery which is in keeping with the colour scheme and also adds a nice bit of contrasting texture.

This has been a relatively long term project spanning probably around eight months including breaks and the many many redrafts (as you can tell I’m quite a slow builder). It has been really enjoyable though and I have learnt a lot through the process.

Hope you like it and while you’re here, go and check out my other submissions too!!!

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