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Candle Set

Attention candle lovers! Do you think they would be great in LEGO form?

For the main build, I used the Tan, Dark Tan & Reddish Brown to give it a smooth/textured wood effect look to it, with a hint of Medium Dark Flesh blended in.

As for the candle part itself, I used Dark Turquoise and Magenta, as they both contrast really well with the rest of the colours and really pop out at you from a distance. Also they are both really deep colours and I love candles where the wax is a really deep colour.

I think this would make a great little set as it's something different and unique while still being easily recognisable. It's easy to build and suitable for all ages and occasions. It could be a great little addition into the expansion of new themes for LEGO like we've recently seen with the Botanical sets.

I think it would make a great little display piece as the modern look blends in nicely with any home decor, which is sure to promote the relaxing atmosphere any home needs. At just 176 pieces it would also be affordable to all.

Thank you in advance for any support! It is deeply appreciated.

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