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Functional LEGO Dartboard Cabinet

Take aim with the Lego Dartboard!

Built using 2946 bricks, this Lego set will provide you with hours of family fun while assembling it, and many more hours of family fun while playing with it afterward. After all, the only thing better than building a Lego set is getting to play with it afterwards. This is not a set that you will have to worry about collecting dust.

Of course, this set has many advantages over a traditional dartboard, besides the fact it is made with Legos. You will no longer need to worry about throwing sharp objects in your home, or putting indentations or chipping paint off your walls, although you could say the paint chips in my basement give my walls character!  This is a dart board that is not only fun, but perfectly safe for the little ones and sure to impress your friends and family.

Built with the new 16x16 bases made available with the Lego Art theme, this dartboard can hang on your wall and measures the same 15-1/2" square.  Plus you can fold it up when not in use, just like an actual cabinet.  Best of all, it has a nice wood veneer made out of our favorite kind of plastic to give your rec room the sort of sophistication you would expect from a Lego set!

This set utilizes the same technology as a safety dartboard.  The board is made out of rigid hoses that will hold the Lego projectiles in place when they are fired.  And since it is difficult to throw a Lego projectile, and constructing a throwable dart out of Lego would probably cause it to fall apart upon impact, you get two custom designed spring loaded shooters to take aim with.


This set was originally designed for the We Love Sports Contest, but has undergone a handful of improvements since the initial entry.  Each hose is now held in place by a color-coded stud with a hole.  This further highlights the colors on the dartboard making it much easier to see how many points you got.  The spring loaded shooters were also elongated making it much easier for an adult (or child) to hold and accurately aim and fire with one hand.  The numbers showing point values have now been printed on 2x4 tiles to give the set a much more polished look, while also making them easier to read.  Instead of the dart projectiles simply hanging on the sides of the board, they now snap on top of faux darts which not only make it look more realistic, but also are much more visually appealing!

Finally, because my original submission was well over the 3000 brick limit, I needed to make some changes to get this under the limit.  The most noticeable change is that I had to do away with the hexagonal pattern of the dartboard and replace it with a simple square pattern.  As a result there is now more empty space for the darts to land, which will make it easier for them to go in, but also easier for them to fall out.  This problem is solved however by using longer hoses which the cabinet can now accommodate as I replaced plates with bricks around the edges which resulted in a more depth, as well as eliminating an entire layer of 1x1 bricks and plates from the behind the dartboard.  The other major change is when the cabinet is closed, you no longer see inverted tiles, but instead the cabinet uses a SNOT technique that allows for the 2x2 inverted tiles to be replaced with 6x6 tiles, saving a whopping 512 bricks!  This does sacrifice cleanliness around the edges a bit, but I feel it is more important to have a finished back so that it looks good hanging on your wall while it is closed.  All said and done, the set now clocks in at 2946 bricks!

I appreciate all of your support in my quest to score a 10,000 point bullseye!  Please share this set with everyone who you hope to one day play Lego darts with, because only with their support can we make this set a reality and give you a shot at Lego darts bragging rights!

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