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Big Red Barn

This is a second and updated version of the Big Red Barn I submitted to LEGO Ideas back in Oct 2016.

The Big Red Barn is an iconic image of Western farming. Centuries ago, European farmers sealed their barns with a combination of linseed oil and rust. The rust was poison to fungi, mold and moss. The color actually started out more of a “burnt-orange” and became more “red” in the late 1800s when paints were produced with chemical pigments. Red was the most inexpensive color! Red Barns became fashionable and indicated wealth. Here we have Farmer Fred and his animals. His barn stores the hay and houses the animals from the weather.

The tractor is used to transport the alfalfa hay bales around the farm. At the top of his barn, the pulley is used to move hay into the loft through the gable door. The back of the barn has a sliding door, so farm vehicles can be stored inside. Farmer Fred has his work cut out for him, as you can see. Raising animals takes work! The Big Red Barn is a great subject for LEGO because of the colors and easy to build rectangular building on a simple 16x16 plate. The minifigure (Fred), animals and tractor make it a great play set for kids.

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