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Lego Castle Winterlands Frozen Falls Fortress


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Perched high on the rocky cliffs of an ice locked water fall, is the kings mighty castle! The Frozen Falls Fortress is a deadly place for any foe of the winterland knights, full of winding stairs, falling ice, hidden treasures and even a war bear!

This is the home of the king and queen of the winterland, deep in the heart of the mountains!



Kings study.

Main hall.

Frozen armory.

Polar bear den.


Wine cellar.

Gate house.



4 stories tall!

1,930 Pieces.

A trap door in main hall will send you down a shoot, and out of the castle with the pull of a pin!

Don’t raid the wine cellar, there's a falling ax waiting!

If you end up in the dungeon, all is not lost, just look for the hidden escape through the ice wall!

Looking for treasure? Try the hidden trap door in the snowy rocks!

Pull the flag to send an ice avalanche onto your head!

There are many more features, including a working drawbridge, hidden map, mouse hole, and much more!



This set comes with 10 figures, including the king and queen!

A War Bear!

Removable snowman and weapons rack.

2 horses.

A catapult, hidden skeleton, and many more fun castle features to keep you building for hours!

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