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The Skyak


This is another Lego project I made on LDD, this time its from a nostalgic TV show from Disney Channel, that some of you may remember, that's right, it's Phil of the Future!

I remember watching this show as a kid in the summertime of 04 when it first premiered, and man did I love this show! There was something interesting and cool about having a story about a futuristic family entering the present-day timeline by accident and trying to relentlessly and hilariously try to fix the time machine that they came from, which in this case, is a RV.

It definitely got its kicks from Back to the Future, there are some similiarities, I mean come on, both have a bald-headed principal, only both are strict, but I would think that Strickland is more strict and tough than Hackett personally. Anyway, making this LEGO project definitely brought back childhood memories and more importantly remembering the theme song too.

The set I built is one of The Skyak, as seen on the show, that had this really cool astro-spaceship vibe to it. How awesome would it be to fly in one of those!

Anyway, This set also includes 2 minifigures of Phil and Keely, and some accessories for them, including a purse for Keely, a backpack for Phil, and two helmets for the 2 minifigures to wear while on the Skyak. Also the accessory includes also Phil's Wizard gadget, as seen as the one he has on the TV show.

Like I said, this show was great, I loved the dynamics of family and friendship in the show, and really liked Phil and Keely's dynamic as best friends and then later to being a couple (that finale though, very emotional), Oh, and Phil's dad was hilarious on the show, I even laugh sometimes at Pim's sarcastic dialogue she says sometimes and Curtis sometimes would make me laugh too.   I somehow hope that we don't have to wait til the year 2121 for Phil of the Future to come out on streaming services and be digitally released online to buy. And if they somehow revive the series in the future, that would be awesome too.

Well anyways, Support and follow if you want this nostalgic out-of-this-world Lego piece to add to your Lego collection and if you're one of those who remember Phil of the Future on the old Disney Channel!

Thanks for reading, more new Lego projects coming soon!



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