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Heartlake City Denist

This is a Lego Friends dentist. I designed it because there isn't a Lego Friends dentist yet, and I wanted to make it happen! It would make a great Lego Friends set because there isn't a Lego Friends dentist yet, plus, there are so many silly play ideas, such as, bringing the minidolls to the waiting room where they can check in and wait to be called to the dentist's room. While they wait, they can use the bathroom and brush their teeth to make sure they're sparkly clean! Once they get called up to the dentist's room, they can get their teeth cleaned while watching TV! Plus, they can spit in the sink after rinising their mouth with water. The dentsit can search through the cabinets for cleaning tools, like the needle and toothbrush and toothpaste. They can fill out the patient's papers and type information on the computer. 

Missing pieces: white curve pieces from the Heartlake Hair Salon lego Friends, yellow flat curve pieces for the red heart, a purple and light teal pen, a notepad like the one from Stephanie's House and the Pizzeria, and finally a flat white heart piece to go in the center of the red heart.

Pieces on the side: the pieces on the side have either missing pieces, or Lego Digital Designer won't let me stick certain pieces in certain spots. The white and blue transparent curve pieces will attatch to the second level, one toothbrush will go in the bathroom, and the other the dentist will be holding, the pamphlets will go in the cyan blue edge pieces on the cabinets, the TV is detachable for anywhere on the second level,  the flossers and healthy lolipops will go in the cabinet drawers, the grey dentist tools would go in the cupboards. 

Stickers: there would be a sticker of a preview for a new upcoming Lego Friends set on the TV for a commerical, a picture of teeth on the black screen on the cabinets, stickers on the pamphlets, a sticker on the sign with the reservationist's name, and matching cushion stickers on the couch and chairs. 

Minidolls: Emma (reservationist) wearing her outfit from the 2021 Mall, with a mid purple bow, Henry from the Hospital (dentist), wearing a white lab coat with a teal and cyan striped shirt underneath with an ID badge on the coat and his original bottoms. The last minidoll would be a new minidoll, Avari, with Olivia's head minus the glasses, a red curly ponytail with a silver scrunchiebat but in brown, Olivia's Jungle Rescue bottoms, such as the Panda Jungle Rescue, with a light aqua cold shoulder tee shirt with a coral bird shadow. 

Edits: I am very open with changes when this set becomes a Lego Friends set. I want this set to be perfect before it gets released, so I am freely open to any edits (except for Avari minidoll not being included in this set.)

That's all you need to know. Thank you so much for supporting me doing what I love, and happy building! :D

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