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Police Car Interceptor 2020

Hi Everybody and welcome to my new and first project 2020, a LEGO creator :
I improved this model:
- Doors and roof are white
- There are 4 mudguards
- A big torch lamp

The roof can be removed to access the interior of the car :
you can see the dashboard, a gear lever, 2 rifles, a coffee mug, under the roof a rear viewfinder with the radio.
I modified the stickers (the idea is to personalize the stickers according to the countries or states of sales of the car, or the organization (CIA, FBI, sheriff, highway patrol, etc.)
It's a veritable 4 doors, the hood with the engine and the trunk open too.
The dimensions of the car are about 33 cm X 12 cm wide.
The model is 100% made with LEGO bricks.

Thanks for taking the time to look over the project and hope that you liked what you saw.
Don't be afraid to post a comment.
Thanks for your attention and have a nice day.

PS. Don't hesitate to see et support my project :


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