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Welcome Back Black Falcons!

With the medieval blacksmith and the new castle set, the Black Falcons are back again! I made their shield to greet this. While I built a castle, the idea came to build the falcon on a larger scale and put it over the gate. By the time it was ready, I realized it was too big for the castle, but editing it the shield behind had made it a showy LEGO.

A lot of fans were waiting for the Falcons to come back in a new set. Now that they’re back, let’s vote for an official LEGO kit from their shield as well. A shield made of their coat of arms can be a special decoration of the apartment. I created it, so that it can be placed on a table, but can even be hung on the wall. The rear could be converted accordingly. It is approximately 22 cm high and 24 cm wide, and it is built up of 382 pieces. Compare it to the original shield to see how identical the details are!

Keeping the original shape of the shield, a sticker may be placed on the edge of the shield. Of course, a Black Falcon figure will also be included in the set. It wasn’t easy to design, it has several interesting solutions in it, so building it can be an experience.

Let's celebrate the 37th Birthday of the Falcons together with 10,000 votes! Vote so they can check the kit at LEGO as soon as possible!


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