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Star Wars Chess Set


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Most of us will stop playing with Legos as we get older - not because we want to though.  We have a hard time letting our best friends go.  Our friends (sets)  that took us to places and on adventures our heart will never forget.  Legos are a part of our childhood that brings memories of comfort, excitement, joy. Many hours, days, months, and years of enjoyment until one day we realize that grandma thinks we are too old for them, so she buys us a savings bonds..Legos are undeniably awesome. Truly, anyone that has ever put one Lego set together is hooked for life.  They become artists on their own with amazing creations and sculptures and vow to never let the Legos go. They keep building when grandma leaves and create new kinds of awesome things kids could only dream of.  For those of you, who feel the same way I do, I will never surrender my Legos. Six or Sixty, they will impress me, so I came up with this Lego Star Wars chess set.  This set is fully functional as a chess game complete with two kings, two queens, four bishops, four knights, four rooks, and sixteen pawns. The pawns for the rebels are several different types of soldiers.  Each pawn has a Star Wars blaster for distinction.  Chess is an age old game now brought to life in the Lego Star Wars universe.  In the set, we have the rebels against the empire.  There is a lot of versatility in this project.  Characters can be swapped out for one's own personal minifigures.  Now go sneak and steal your kids Legos and start playing again,  Never lose the feeling, Never.  Please support!!!

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