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Team Seas Donation (up to $500 USD)

I am committing to a new donation rule: For every support on this project, I will donate 5¢ to Team Seas, which is currently at just about 30,000,000 dollars! When the project expires (or gets to 10k) I will start the tally, and I calculated that if I do get to 10k, I will donate $500 USD to Team Seas! In addition, anyone who donates to Team Seas or any other ocean cleanup charity can post the amount they donated in the comments so I can find out the impact we made because of this project to clean the ocean! If the project gets to 10k, and every person that supported this project donates just of their own money, that money paired with my donations would get up to $1,000 USD in total donations!


100 Supporters!

A big thank-you to everyone who helped to get this project to 100 supporters! Hopefully in the coming year, the project will flourish and even get to the next milestone, 5,000 supporters! And, with more supporters comes bigger, better, cooler updates, so stay tuned!

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