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Lego Boeing 929 Jetfoil.

This is a Lego Boeing 929 Jetfoil miniature. The scale of this set is about 1:300. Its color scheme came from a ferry route between Hong Kong to Macau. This type of ferry has been servicing this route for about 25 years. I have lots of great memories from this ferry.

I build this set because the Hong Kong-Macau ferry route has been retired all its Boeing 929 fleet in the year of 2018. This carrier operates the largest number of this Boeing 929 in the world. Also, this is the last marine product manufactured by the aviation leading brand: Boeing.

I think not too many people heard of this Boeing marine product. I would like to use this opportunity to build this and share. This is the only type of ferry that makes you feeling like in the aircraft. Especially during take off, it engine revs up like an airplane engine.

I hope everyone like my Lego set and thanks for your support.

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