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The Wizard Tower


I am a young Lego enthusiast. I'm fifteen years old and I discovered the world of lego bricks several years ago. Throughout my childhood, I learned to improve my creations and gain experience. Now, I decided to present you The Wizard Tower.

The Wizard Tower is a typical construction in the Lego medieval castle theme. I chose to create this construction because of my passion for "heroic fantasy," and my love for crafting new structures within this enchanting realm.

In my vision, a wizard's dwelling should be peculiar. Thus, I designed it as an old guard tower, once an outpost, now forsaken by its soldiers. The ravages of time have left their mark on the weathered stones, sculpted by the winds, and on which the wizard has erected a modest wooden roof to establish his abode. Within this narrow interior, natural light streams through windows carved into the rock, while a small observatory equipped with a spyglass graces this extraordinary residence.

Nature has reclaimed the land surrounding the tower. Ivy gracefully climbs the towering walls, and trees have draped their verdant foliage, casting mysterious shadows upon the ground. The small cave beneath the wizard's great tower has become a favored spot for elf scouts and adventurous wanderers seeking a place of respite. However, this secluded landmark also serves as the meeting point for orc bandits and malevolent goblins, each with hopes of discovering the remnants of lost treasures.

It is a place where magic holds boundless sway...

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