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Lego Modular Space Museum


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Dear ladies and gentleman, I proudly present the Lego Modular Space Museum. Like many of the Ideas community members, I too became hooked on Lego as a child. My favorites at the time (80s) were the Space and Castle themes. Don’t tell the castle sets I said this but if I had to choose I would reach for Benny. :) This build serves 3 purposes- 1) Homage to the Space sets, 2) I wanted to build a Modern Building, and 3) I wanted to do a Modular build (this is my first humble attempt). Additionally, I wanted to make this build fully accessible without having to remove floors (I personally dislike that- I want to play with the set as the whole model not in separate floors). I achieved this by using hinged wall segments. The Museum is fully accessible and stays completely intact via clips. Oh, and what museum is complete without a 2-story waterfall feature?




32x48 Dots- 32x32 baseplate + 16x32 baseplate.

10 inches x 15 inches x 9 5/8 inches tall (building itself).

18 inches at its tallest point.

2787 Pieces.

Fully compatible with Lego Modular Buildings, connects via Technic pins.

10 Minifigures- 4 in displays and 6 for play including 2 employees and 4 museum visitors (more specifics found below in the exhibit/feature section).


The Lego Modular Museum has many unique exhibits and features:


-Large entrance with water feature.

-2-story waterfall feature which wraps around second floor terrace.

-Solar Panels 

-2 Rockets which serve as structural supports spanning from the floor thru the roof. One of the rockets has a see-through chamber with computers and gas/propellant chambers.

-Glass upon glass- and then more glass!

-Large globe (Earth) atop museum.

-Missile in glass display on roof.

-Space shuttle with satellite on second floor terrace.

-Hinged walls which attach via clips- full access without removing floors!

-Check in with computer/register.

-Satellite atop astronaut gallery/display.

-Astronaut display- 4 minifigures including Red Classic Spaceman, Blacktron, M-tron (different helmet), and a City Astronaut. Including various accessories.

-Classic Space Missile Station- including my favorite printed space tile of all time. 

-Beautiful staircase made of imported Italian marble. A generous gift from one of the museums many benefactors.

-Moon rock specimen with Lego and USA flags.

-Computer display.

-Black Space Police Interceptor- built in a classic style.

-White/Red Space Buggy- Specimen Extractor Model 6XJF. Built in a classic style with a new school twist.

-6 minifigures for play- 2 museum employees- male and female. 4 museum visitors including Grandma, Grandpa (never mind his strange clothes, he’s a great guy), Elijah and his older sister Abigail.




Thank you for taking the time to visit this project. I took many pictures throughout the build and of the individual displays and all the minifigures, so please check them out- I will include all of them in an initial update. I really enjoyed this build and feel it would be a great addition to any modular city or as a stand alone set. If it’s something you like please support so that we may reach 10,000 and make this set a reality! Also, please share it with your friends and on social media to get the word out...


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Thanks again for stopping by! I appreciate your time and consideration. :)

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