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Cair Paravel Throne Room


Enter through into the Cair Paravel Throne Room.It is where the Pevensies rule Narnia from.There you will find the four thrones that were in the prophecy which goes as follows

"When Adam's flesh and Adam's bone,

Sits at Cair Paravel in throne,

The evil time will be over and done".

There Peter,Susan,Edmund,and Lucy will become the HIgh Kings and Queens.The throne on the far left is for Edmund the Just.The second is for Peter the Magnificent .The third is for Susan the Gentle.And the fourth is for Lucy the Valiant(lucy's not included in this set).

Cair Paravel has eight teal colored pillars.There were pillars in the middle of the throne room in the movie,but I only made eight for size wise.The windows seals alternate between red and yellow.There is also a giant stained glass window.

General Oreius took me a bit of time to design.He comes in his armor and long sword.In the movie there were more than one centaur but for the size of this set I only added Oreius.

Peter is in his coronation day outfit.Edmund is also in his coronation day outfit.Susan is in her coronation day outfit as well.

Included inside this set is:

  • High King Peter 
  • King Edmund
  • Queen Susan
  • and General Oreius 

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