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Paddington Bear Statue

“Things are always happening to me. I’m that sort of bear.”

In 1958, Michael Bond wrote the first Paddington Bear story, featuring a small bear from Darkest Peru, looking earnestly for a home in London's famous Paddington Station. Since then, Paddington has been the star of nearly 30 books, his own television series, and the recent film adaptations starring Ben Whishaw.

This statue would be a perfect tribute to the Bear who captured the hearts first of Britain, and then the entire world. Always polite, always eager to help, and somehow always getting into scrapes, Paddington is iconic for his blue duffel coat, red hat, and love of marmalade sandwiches. 

I was inspired by the recent Yoda statue, and this piece uses a few of the same building techniques, but is otherwise extremely distinct in its own right, from the pose to the ears to the suitcase and hat. I've never designed a statue before so it was quite a challenge but I think I've managed to capture his figure, and not made it too blocky!

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