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Classic Space Ship to Rover

Some Classic Space sets were a spaceship, others were rovers, some were large ships with rovers stored inside a garage, and some were ships with wheels. Some of the ships even separated to give you a smaller ship to play with. However, there was never a set of a spaceship that transformed into a rover...

Well wait no longer, introducing the first Classic Space ship that opens up in order to let out a rover. And the best part, our purple spaceman doesn't even have to get up!

I kept the build as simple as a Classic Space set would have been at this size, as well as keeping the same basic shape of the older sets. I also left the ship open, as that was how most of the Classic Space sets were, maybe space wasn't a vacuum in the 80's. However, I used some modern elements to make it sleeker and give it a bit more bulk as the older sets tended to be angular and very flat.

As a bonus, I included two additional rendering of different color schemes. Since this set is so small and will be quite affordable, it does seem reasonable that Lego could release it in a variety of colors. Certainly Classic Space fans like me would go crazy for it as it would allow them to collect spacemen in a variety of colors!

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