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Santa's Sidecar (featuring Rudolph Red Nose 5)


It's XMAS!!!


Well... Not yet... But it sure is coming anytime soon. And that means Santa's gotta distribute all those presents to all those good kids out there.

This year however, Santa is giving his reindeers a much deserved rest and has decided to take a vehicle from his youth out of the garage. Oh Yeah! Santa's got a sidecar!!!

He is planning to road travel the entire world in his vintage sidecar alongside Mrs. Claus. This way they can enjoy the ride while making children happy...

But Mrs. Claus raised a pertinent question... "How are we to cross the oceans, rivers and see through the bad weather'"

Santa replied "Not to worry my dear, Rudolph is still coming along, and we've made a few upgrades to his saddle..."


"upgrades you say...'"


Now presenting the AmAzInG Rudolph Red Nose 5, the reindeer x-wing.

Not only can he fly, he can also lock the s-foils just to make himself even cooler and blast away all the evil grinches and snowmen that might cross Santa's way.

Unfortunately room for torpedoes wasn't available.

"So don't worry my dear!" said Santa to Mrs. Claus "I've got it all covered. Let's enjoy the ride."


Now if you're a good boy or girl and support this project, Santa might just stop by your house the xmas of 2016!


Check back all my other projects and support them too.



And a merry, merry xmas!

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