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Lunar Outpost

Prepare to blast off with this proposal for an exciting new space set! This outpost on the moon is packed with fun details guaranteed to ignite the limitless sense of adventure everyone feels when dreaming of space travel. Join a team of six specialists as they complete their lunar mission. Uncover secrets of the moon in the fully equipped science lab, or get some r&r in the rec room, complete with sleeping bunks and cafeteria. Explore the moon's crystal caves, and meet the local wildlife -- the strange alien tigerbug! (Don't know how Neil and Buzz missed that). Moon buggy not working? Take it to the shop. And when your tour is finished, return home in the rocket; leaving from the launchpad every month. Great as a playset or a display piece, this model would make an out-of-this-world addition to any collection!

  • Includes 6 minifigures -- team leader, pilot, mechanic, botanist, geologist, and zoologist.
  • Open garage door by turning knob.
  • Access garage, lab, and bridge via hinged opening.
  • Remove rec room roof to access interior.
  • Open rocket hatch to store crystals.
  • Includes adult and juvenile tigerbugs.
  • Measures over 15" wide, by 12" long, by 11" tall.
  • Approximately 1450 pieces.

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