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Sad Penguin From Kinder

Probably everyone remembers the series of toys with cute animals from Kinder Surprise. When we were kids, we all enjoyed collecting these figurines and putting them on the shelf. So why not remember that part of the story and bring it to life in Lego?

About the model.
I decided to dedicate this craft to one of the characters from the collection of Kinder penguins. This set consists of 380 parts and is an exact replica of the sad penguin that many will remember. I tried to keep the details and the main image of this character. One of the main reasons why I decided to assemble this model is a tribute to the history of collectible figures of our childhood. 

Collectible Kinder toys made history and I think that this set will be a great reminder of our childhood and will be a good gift for both adults and children. And I think this piece of history deserves to be a part of the Lego sets. 

Thank you for your support and comments!

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