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Johnny Thunder's Office

Some time ago I participated in small competition on facebook. I've designed Johnny Thunder's Office.  Usually after creating such a small MOC I disassemble it and create another one but there was something very nostalgic to me in it, something that made me not to do it this time, so I kept it as a room decoration.
One day I thought: 'Hey, why not to post it on Lego Ideas? If i like it so much maybe other people will like it to'? So I've changed few details and added more pieces related to my favourite Adventurers theme and he it is.
Let me indroduce Johnny Thunder's Office. As every great explorer in every adventure book or movie, he also have his small room, full of souvenirs from all his great adventures. Lets take a closer look.
Of course Johnny represents oldschool English nobility, so he wears suit, huge cylinder and of course an umbrella. Inside the office you will find his hat and bag hanging on the rack. Right next to it Johnny keeps his most precious treasures: golden dino and golden Aztec ornament. They are displayed preety nicely. Above them we can find some hats related to his adventures (yeah, I know, the middle one does not match the colour but I could not find the right one). In the middle section of the office we can find a map from Orient Expedition (my favourite subtheme), his staunch rifle, some small souvenirs, his binoculars and rucksack. Next section includes fireplace, on top of which we can find some small figure, Johnny's picture and Best Explorer of the Year Award, and maps from Egypt subtheme above.
For the movable stuff we get:
-tan armchair;
-rotating office chair;
-desk with maps;
-barrel with machete and bone;
-globe on stand;
-chess set.
Finally, because I've designed this MOC during Christmas holiday, a Christmas tree, which I've decided to leave because I like its look and I think it complements the scene nicely.

I hope you like this project. If you have any reasonable idea how to improve it, leave the comment and I'll see what I can do with it.

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