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LEGO Air Jordan One Retro


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I built an Air Jordan One Retro in LEGO! This design is based off of the Bred Toe and I feel like I captured the look and cosmetics of the iconic shoe very well. I have made a video on this creation and it is on my YouTube channel, ItsJustNaf, and you can watch that video here:

I think this would be a very nice LEGO set because I believe that many non LEGO fans will enjoy this set due to it being a very famous and recognizable shoe. People who enjoy collecting shoes and who are a fan of the Air Jordan line will be likely to purchase this set as it is a cool display model to have around. This can open up a door for these people to take an interest in the LEGO building brick brand. I have only made one shoe due to my collection of parts, and I wish to trade out some pieces for others in the future. If it is chosen as a LEGO set, I think it would be cool to include 2 shoes instead of one. This is not an actual wearable shoe and is used as a display model to put on your desk or on a shelf. Thank you so much for viewing ths creation and I hope that you will support it!

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