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Matsuyama Castle LEGO Architecture


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Japanise castles are probably the most beautiful difensive structures ever with their mazes and their towers, so I decided to propose the Matsuyama Castle. In reality it’s 132 metres castle, built on the top of the homonymous mountain in the Ehime prefecture. It was built in 1603, it was under the power of Hojo and Uesugi clans. The incredible fact is that in the 1784 the castle was destroyed by a thunder! (obviusly it was restored after that event).
The LEGO Building
The LEGO castle is about 16cm high and 36cm large on the front. I had to use the old LEGO Digital Designer (I found some difficulties). If you look closely you can see the particulars and the techniques I used. The most detailed parts are the wooden fortifications and trapdoors. My castle is quite similar to the actual stucture: I used MAPS and some photos on the Internet. I tried to have a LEGO Architecture set style, but LDD has a quite limited number of new pieces and techniques. Even though the stuctures are little, the set includes 2936 pieces. It is a collection set, so you can put it on a shelf in the living room. I built just the main part of the castle because the structure occupies the whole hill, and it would impossible to put a LEGO hill at home. The towers stay at the top of rock walls that are placed as a labyrinth. Mainly grey, brown and black pieces compose the structure and there are quite a lot of little details.
I spent many months on this project, so please support me for more ideas. I destroyed the structure many times to make the castle as similar as possible (I enjoyed building the west towers, that I built first). I used Studio to get better photos, so I hope you'll enjoy them.
Saluti dall'Italia. 😉

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