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Space Patrol: The FROG


Welcome to Space Patrol

   About the theme:

  It has been 6 years since John Reese and Jack Chillers graduated from the I.S.P academy (Intergalactic Space Patrol) and ever since they have been on the planet Roku, patrolling the ruined city of Oby. And for all those years, nothing has ever happened. It was a day like any other, John climbed on the FROG patrol mech (Flies Right Off the Ground) and Jack started walking. And then, about half way into their patrol, the FROGs scanners went off! Someone or something was in Oby, and close by too! Slowly the two I.S.P officers looked around the corner…

     About the set:

  The set comes with the FORG mech, and the two minifigures (John and Jack)
The mech has two modes:
1.) Walking mode : the FORG can maneuver through the streets of the city and over rocks
2.) Flying mode: the FORG can easily switch into a flying mech, and survey the city below

Thanks for your support, and if you have any tips or recommendations, please post a comment. I’d rather have your healthy criticism than have this project make it to the Review and get rejected.

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