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Apollo 11 Spacesuit


This project is about the first humans to walk on the moon!

Over 50 years ago, a miracle came true, human walked on the moon.
This project is a tribute to Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and all the brilliant engineers who made fantasy into reality!

This project features a A7L Spacesuit, the suit wore by the Astronauts in the Apollo 11 mission.
The model has many posable joints, and various accessories to interact with.
Many features of the A7L Spacesuit are carefully recreated. These include:

  • Portable Life Support System (PLSS) / the backpack
  • The remote control unit on the chests
  • Life support couplers on the torso (red and blue rings)
  • Velcro stripes on the torso (tan colored)
  • Penlight pocket on upper arm
  • Utility pocket on the thigh
  • Flag on left arm and backpack
  • NASA insignia on right chest and backpack
  • Apollo 11 mission insignia on left chest
  • Horizontal boot treads

Aside from the suit details, there are also many tools and toys for the Astronaut to play with:

  • A LEGO flag for conquering the moon!
  • The Hasselblad camera (chest mounted)
  • Footprint on the moon (One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!)
  • Instruments for geology sampling
  • Mini LEGO Saturn-V rocket, lunar lander and return capsule the Astronaut can play with!
  • *The scale of mini Saturn-V to the Astronaut is same as the scale between the IDEAS set 21309 and a real human!
  • Earth model for diorama display

Part count: 906

10'000 supporters can make this project a real LEGO set.

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