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Space Exploration Rover


This is a space rover, equipped with gas tanks, detailed interior, and a satellite dish. I have always loved the old space themes like Classic Space, M-Tron, Blacktron, and Space Police. I also think the space vehicles with treads are some of the most fun models to play with.

This space rover has moving treads and wheels. It also includes two space pilot minifigures. The satellite armature is adjustable, and the top of the rover opens up to reveal the second pilot with his controls and space tools. The set features:

  • A cockpit that opens and closes
  • Lots of detail
  • Adjustable satellite dish armature
  • A rear compartment that opens at the top
  • A detailed interior 
  • Two Classic Space Minifigures
  • Working treads and wheels

This is a great set to play with and display, providing hours of creative enjoyment!

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