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Madagascar Great Escape Plane.

Welcome to Madagascar!

Build the great escape plane and fly away to Africa!

Build a crashed plane that is fixed with wooden plank parts and tied together with leaf threads. Removable mid-section of plane, openable front plane cockpit and 1st class doors, with rotating 1st class chairs.

Currently 519 pieces including 2 skeletons.
Might include 4 main character minifigures.
LEGO has already created 2 of the main characters:

#Alex - Cowardly Lion from Minifigure series (The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part)
#Melman - Giraffe Guy from Minifigure series (The LEGO The Movie 2: The Second part)

#Gloria - Hippo Girl could be easily modified by changing existing elephant head mold.
#Marty - Zebra could be made by changing paint work of upcoming Minifigure from Series 20 Llama Costume Girl.
#Adding already existing monkey molds 2550c01
#Adding penguin molds 27987

With these, it would include the whole team that escaped to Africa.

With your support we can reach 10,000 votes and make the flying miracle real!

In advance - Thank you for your vote and support.

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