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Professional Recording Studio


The Lego Professional Recording Studio would be a great set! All the musicians and technicians you can find in a professional studio. The set is made of 7 "islands" with the main instruments, musicians, technicians and many detailed equipment.
You can find in this set:
- The mixing room, with 2 sound engineers, the main mixer, and the wall that separates the studio from the room, with big glass windows to watch the musicians. 
- The Piano Man, a guy arriving straight from the '70s, with big hair and a nice suit, a grand piano and an Hammond Organ with Leslie speaker 
- The Bass Player, with his red hat and sunglasses and his vintage bass, and a lot of sound from his big amplifiers. Glass barriers isolate his big sound
- The Drummer, a crazy guy with green crest and fast arms beating on his  drums
- The Guitar Player; you know, guitarists are narcissistic people (I'm a guitarist, so I know what I'm saying :-) ) and so this guy is well dressed and has a cooool white guitar with his large amplifiers.
- The Horns; wind instruments are the right ensemble to give the right tune to any track! Whatever the kind of music you like, horns fits your music well in every situation. Trumpet, sax and trombone are what you need to add the right sound to your music.
- Singers, a young and fresh duet from these cool guys with their professional microphones.

Other features: you can play with the "islands" in your favourite way and use just some musician or all of them, change the set and make a guy play an other guy's instrument. 
I also made some custom decals:
- music sheet of "Everything is Awesome" from "The Lego Movie OST"
- amplifier front
- pedals in guitarist and bass player's pedalboard.

I tried to give the set a lot of details and make all the tools look like the real one but in "minifig-size".

Hope you support me and like the set!

And remember: if the music's too high, you're too old. :-) 


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