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Working Log Flume II – Redesigned + Motorized

Welcome to the Working Log Flume II!

Disclaimer: This is not a simple resubmission of my former idea "Working Log Flume", but a completely new build, entirely designed from scratch!

The Idea

As disclaimed, I've already submitted the idea of a working LEGO log flume over a year ago (see, but although it made it into the review, there were quite some valid points of criticism, mainly on these three following topics; and that's why I finally decided to create a completely new log flume draft:
  • "The platform should be on the other side, not right after the drop." / "Cars will splash directly into the platform." – Totally correct, the platform is now right before the elevator, and the splash zone is entirely open.
  • "The cars will scratch the plates." / "The bottom drive rolls won't move the cars properly" / "The chain drives are too long and will stutter" – Although all these concerns did not turn out to be real or fairly crucial issues, at least in the real life tests that I made, I completely agree that the native LEGO coaster rail system runs way more smoothly by any means, so I've now switched to it as drive base and built the log flume, so-to-say, fully around it. Also, since this system doesn't consume so many parts, it allowed me to create a bit more complex track layout with two small drops and one big drop and not just the latter.
  • "The whole drive chain should be operable with a single input" / "The whole system should be motorized" – Right, and as I do agree that playing with or just watching a fairground ride in action is more fun if you don't have to crank all the time manually, I integrated a central battery-powered motorization directly into the build.

The Build

The build consists of:
  • Log flume with four cars with two seats each
  • Motorized and fully cased drivetrain
  • Boarding platform with ticket booth
  • Flexible, spring-loaded drive rolls
  • Elevator with maintenance-free chain tensioner
  • Water shooter and drive-through shower
  • Cashier, mechanic, five visitors, and some animals (as always)

The Functionality

The log flume runs completely on its own:
  • A battery-powered M-motor operates the whole drive chain.
  • At the start, the cars are forwarded by drive rolls, which are pressed against the cars with springs.
  • Then, the elevator lifts the cars up to the top, while its chain is being tensioned by a counterweight.
  • At the top, gravity simply takes care, which moves the cars along all the way back to the start.
  • Plus, riders are "wetted" by the flexible drive-through shower or manually with the water shooter.
Please see also image 14 for the details.

The Data

Parts: 3000
Dimensions: 38 cm x 94 cm x 32 cm
Background: Own artwork

The Pitch

After all the time, I still think that the LEGO fairground finally needs a log flume among its other numerous attractions, that's why I came up with this redesign, so if you agree that it is now indeed time for a log flume, I'd be very honored to receive your support on this idea; and please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you've got something on your mind about this build, any kind of feedback is very welcome!

Thank you very much for your attention!
Baron von Barron

PS: Which log flume idea do you enjoy more – the old one with the custom drivetrain concept or the new one with the native coaster-rail-based system? Would be indeed great to know, please don't hesitate to leave your opinion in the comments!

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