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Hi everybody ! Come on, join us, it's the Lantern's day today !

Like every spring, the city celebrates his bandstand and remembers the one who built it : Mr. Blacky Smiles. He has called his building The Lantern, as if everything underneath should be made to shine !

Legend has it that this mysterious man was a pirate and that he hid part of his treasure in this square... A treasure that children are always looking for.

But now, let's celebrate ! The musical instruments are prepared, the refreshment bar is installed, the audience has arrived, the concert can begin !

The idea

I came up with this idea while playing with bricks from a small Ninjago set. I assembled the base with its floor with these real bricks. I liked the rendering and I deepened.

Inventory and gameplay

This set of more than 1300 pieces includes some gameplay features :
  • Its stage is easily accessible by lifting the roof.
  • This floor is also removable to discover the treasure that hides underneath !

There are 5 minifigures :
  • The two musicians
  • One of their fans
  • A child looking for treasure 
  • The bartender disguised as a pirate.


This bandstand has a regular octagon shape. Its design was sympathetic. As much as integrating it on a square that takes up the codes of modular sets ! 
The most interesting part was designing the roof. I imagined several solutions and I finally retained the strongest. It includes an assembly of Technic bricks under the panels. This assembly also helps to support the ceiling that has the studs down.

I hope you like the idea !
And sorry for my level of english.


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