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Timber House

A very pretty house in the old chalet style lost in a gigantic forest, at the edge of a magnificent lake.

Imagine yourself in this house, with the only company, the birds, the animals, the firs as far as the eye can see, the wind in the branches and the silence.

You can do many activities.

- Some fishing.
- Barbecue.
- Walks in forests.
- Tanning in the solarium.

This house is composed of.

- A large kitchen.
- A bathroom.
- a large living room.
- A beautiful fireplace. 
- A beautiful bedroom upstairs.

You will also notice the construction in imitation wood, flat roofs with plants, exposed stones, terraces.

The house is made up of several mounting blocks to facilitate construction and play.

This house is a good play set, a pleasure to build for young and old. 

Thank you.
Very warmly Sylvain. 

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