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City of Toronto Skyline - LEGO Architecture


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Home to nearly 3 million of the most diverse (and polite!) people in the world, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a world-class city that is rich in culture. Its skyline - one of the most recognizable on Earth - reflects the diversity of its population, ranging from the futuristic 553-metre tall CN Tower to the century-old gothic revival look of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

I have long admired the beauty of Toronto's unique skyline. As I refined my LEGO building techniques over the past few years, it became a personal goal to recreate this skyline in as fine detail as possible. I hope the fans of the fantastic LEGO Architecture series can share in that beauty.

This model includes Toronto's most iconic buildings and features:
  • Rogers Centre (with open or closed "skydome")
  • The CN Tower (the Skypod viewing deck rotates!)
  • Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
  • Roundhouse Park
  • Toronto City Hall
  • Nathan Phillips Square
  • Fairmont Royal York Hotel
  • Union Station
  • Royal Bank Plaza
  • Toronto-Dominion Centre (TD Bank Tower, TD North Tower, TD South Tower, and 222 Bay St)
  • First Canadian Place
  • Scotia Plaza
  • Commerce Court West
  • One King West
  • Brookfield Place (TD Canada Trust Tower, Bay Wellington Tower, and 22 Front St W)
  • Dominion Public Building
  • L Tower
  • Lake Ontario

When I set out to create this model, I realized there are certain buildings and landmarks that must be included - Skydome (currently called Rogers Centre), the CN Tower, Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square, and the Royal York. When the details began to take shape, though, Ripley's Aquarium and Roundhouse Park fit so well at the base of the CN Tower, and Union Station was the perfect 'partner' for the Royal York.

When it came to the east end, though, it was difficult choosing just one representative from the city's Financial District. First Canadian Place certainly stands out. However, there is such a variety of architectural styles in that section of the city, with each requiring a slightly different technique to assemble in LEGO! So, rather than pick just one, I instead went with a grouping of the most prominent ones. I think this gives the final model more flavor, makes it much more fun to build, and overall, it's more interesting to display.

In this new edit of the project, from January 15, 2023, the CN Tower is slightly taller now. As I built the real physical model (see the Updates page), I found that it not only scales better with the rest of the skyline, but this was necessary for the ring of microwave dishes (the white "donut" at the base of the Skypod) to fit without stressing the three 1x8 tiles at the top of the tower shaft too much. Check out the animation that shows the viewing deck rotate (note, it doesn't rotate on its own)! Also, Rogers Centre (aka Skydome) has been rescaled to be slightly smaller/more rounder, and I shifted the position of Scotia Plaza so that it's more accurate. Overall, I think this is the best version of the model so far!

So, come on Torontonians and Canadians across this great land of ours; Toronto needs a LEGO Architecture set of its own! Let's put this city on the LEGO map!

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