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Galaxy Explorer Missions Spaceship

"What lies beyond those stars?"  Many years ago, explorers in ships on the sea wondered what was beyond the horizon.  Now, a new bred of explorers wonders what lies beyond the stars we see in the sky.  Welcome to Galaxy Explorer Missions (or, G.E.M.) - a team of dedicated and curious adventurers who have committed their lives to finding out what kinds of new life and new culture are in the far reaches of space.

This one-person G.E.M shuttle has 309 pieces and is packed full of detail.  On the exterior of the ship, you will see two forward lasers (stud shooters) on the nose of the spacecraft as well as two other lasers under the wings.  This shuttle is equipped with four engines - two main engines on the wings and two secondary engines at the rear.  The ship has three features that open for increased playability - the cockpit, the roof, and the door in the back. 

When approaching from the back of the ship, the pilot immediately notices the ship's serial number above the entrance.  Upon entering, the pilot can hit a button on a control panel just inside the ship to raise the door.  The door is held in place by two locks on the outside of the ship.  (Notice the hinge pieces on the top left and top right near the door.)  The pilot also notices his radio and binoculars for communication and discovery after landing on a planet.  Along the narrow hallway inside the ship, the pilot prepares for takeoff by entering information on a number of control panels full of buttons, dials, and screens.  He even has a futuristic coffee maker!  Then pilot takes his seat at the front of the ship and straps himself in.  He is now ready to go on a mission to explorer the galaxy!

Where will you explore with this GEM ship?  Designed with swooshability, this small ship is sure to bring big adventure!  Come and see what lies beyond the stars!

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