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Battle for Djinjago


Why this project?

  • For the past 6 years, NINJAGO has been one of LEGO's most popular themes. But, you can't release every single set you'd like to in a wave. So, here is a set representing the final battle in the sixth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. 

Modular System

  • The way this model is built allows for it to have a modular system. Each individual part of the set can be combined from the use of MIXEL joints. The gateway can connect to the rock elements, pillars, or main tower. The tower can connect to the gateway, rock elements, and pillars. Also, one of the rock elements has a tumbling pillar. A lever will trigger the pillar to fall over. 

Other builds

  • Also included in the set is a small flyer of the sky-pirate Flintlocke. This flyer can fit up to 1 minifigure. There is also a small statue of Sensei Yang. Yang was introduced in the fifth season of the show. 

Included Minifigures

  • The minifigures included in this set from the viewers left to right are: Zane, Skylor, Nadakhan, Nya, and Monkey Wretch. Flintlocke is also in his flyer. A change of clothes in included in the set for Nya so that she can change into her "Delara" form. She took this form in episode 64 of the show. 

Play Features!

  • Topple over the pillars to replicate the action from the show!
  • Connect the buildings in different ways to change the appearance of Djinjago!
  • Look in the rock structures to find the Tiger Widow Venom that can defeat Nadakhan.
  • Pose the wings on Flintlocke's flyer!
  • Change Nya from her Ninja garb to her possessed "Delara" form!
  • This set is taken directly from the show, and is meant to be a close representation of a very epic scene. 
  • Marry Nya and Nadakhan in the wedding chapel room! 

Thank you!

  • Thank you for directing your attention to this project! It was hard to fit everything from the scene into a $50 to $60 set. This set is for all NINJAGO fans, so I say, NINJAGO!

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