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Art Deco House


This is the Art Deco House, one more building to compose your LEGO City!

The model is inspired in standard buildings with Art Deco Architecture style! I tried to follow the main characteristics of the Art Deco 1920s 30s constructions. Looking for geometric shapes, straight lines, lusty ornamentation and a rigorous composition in the facade.

The building contains around 3,000 bricks, including: 7 minifigures, 48 windows, and 40 stair treads! Though the model has many side and upside down joints it is compact and hard, without compromising structural integrity. All bricks have at least two connections. There is a store in the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors. Size: a traditional baseplate per 41 bricks (39cm) tall.

The LEGO model breaks down into 6 parts. The ground floor is separated from the rest of the building, and both split in the middle - as a doll house - and finally can unlink two internal apartments.

  • The external architecture count with two glass forefronts: a great panoramic spiral stair contrasting three slender and long windows.
  • The ground floor is a store of men's clothes and hats. The shop provides six mannequins, mirror and cashier desk, besides the coy door to access upper floors.
  • The lower flat is a messy piggery, with trikets and a dirty table.
  • The 2nd can be detached from the tower. The apartment has a bed and a kitchen, furthermore a record player, piano and drums.
  • Apt. no.3 repeat the size and shape of the previous one. In this, a couple display a fashion furniture including a posh stove and a big wardrobe.
  • The taller apartment belongs to a rich man. Is an organized and clean office garnished by Egyptian parchment, modern mat, rustic cupboard and a noble globe. Moreover can enjoy a roof terrace and three skylight windows.

I suggest 7 minifigures: a friendly cashier, an undecided client, a mischievous boy (apt. no.1), a hippie musician girl (apt. no.2), a homosexual couple (apt. no.3) and a millionaire boss (apt. no.4).

- At first, the Art Deco House was just one building. However the sidewalk on both sides make possible compose a double facade.

I hope you like and support this LEGO model to turn it in a real set! Take time to check the other building, the Corner Library!

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