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LEGO Sports, Boxing


   The LEGO Sports series produced some very amusing sets: Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, but why stop there? There are so many sports that can still be made as playable sets. On top of that each sport allows for numerous spin-off themes. This project, Boxing, has so many possibilities.

   My boxing game is easy and fun to play. The contenders stand on pedestals attached to technic rods and gears (as seen in one photo), as you spin the rod the players spin. The goal is to knock your opponent off his feet. The mat removes from the base so if someone wanted they could change it. I went with a classic blue vs red look.

  Some possible theme ideas include: Olympics, Punch Out, WWE or Rock'em Sock'em Robots. These themes could all work but I don't think the set needs it. I like to take random minifigures and pit them against each other, like maybe a giant chicken, rabbit or pig. Challenge your friends to see who will be the next king of the ring.

   If the seems like something you might enjoy please support it and check my other projects. I'm always working on more sports sets.

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