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Hero Factory Toa


Do you like Hero Factory? Do you like Bionicle toa? This set combines the best of both worlds and takes the armor and look of the mark 2 heros and gives them the aesthetic look of the original 2001 sets.This set features a squad of 7 heros known as Mata Squad. The team leader is Takanuva (Light Hero), the other members of the squad is Tahu (Fire Hero), Gali (Water Hero), Kopaka(Snow Hero), Lewa (Air Hero),  Pohatu (Earth Hero), and Onewa (Stone Hero).  Each Hero has been designated as 'Toa" because of their unique elemental powers, unlike other Heros that have elemental weapons.

Story aside, this set features great parts for customizing even if you are not a fan of Hero factory. Each figure features 3 varients of their mask, Except for Takanuva who has 2 varients. Each Toa has a solid color mask, a clear mask (to symbolize the mask glowing), and a solid gold mask; Takanuva has his standard solid gold mask and a clear yellow mask.

In addition to the golden mask The toa also feature additional golden parts and weapons to go with their golden masks. I am currently unable to estimate how many pieces are currently in this set. But more angles of the image are on their way.

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