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Lord of the Rings Brickheadz, (Legolas, Frodo, Sauron)

These are my self-made Lego Brickhead versions of the Famous Lotr Characters Legolas, Frodo and Sauron. A perfect present for every Lotr(Lord of the rings) or Lego Brickheadz fan.

The Frodo one was the first set I've EVER built, I tried to add a lot of Detail, especially to the hair.
Next I made the Sauron one. I focused mainly on his Armour.
Last I made the Legolas one. Here I focused on his quiver, his hair and his ears.

I hope all of these Brickheadz will be loved by you.
I could make more if anybody would be interested ;).
I would be very happy if you could support this project :)!

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