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The Circus Train


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The circus has come to town! Join us on a wacky fun adventure as we journey across the lego world entertaining all who attend. Lego have made high speed trains, freight desiels, a ghost train, a christmas winter train and the infamous emerald night. But imagine how amazing it would be for them to create a circus train! The creativity levels can go through the roof!

This project includes 2 possible ideas for the main engine, a coach for the performers, a box car for the equipment, an aquarium box car for the stunt sharks and a flatbed for extra gear. This set does have inspiration from the film 'Madagascar 3' as it features a circus train.

All and any support is welcome, thank you for checking out my project idea! Oh, and a note to the people who work at lego, PLEASE BRING BACK THE LINE OF TRAIN MODELS!!!

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