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Monsters, Inc. Scare Floor F


Find yourself right in the middle of Scare Floor F for a hands-on experience of scaring, with this Monsters, Inc play set.

Give the handle a twist to see the doors come through to the floor. Each clipped on a wire and also easily attaches to the floor pieces below. The door vices open and close just like they do in the film.

Have you done your paper work? Let's hope so because Roz is in the building, and she's watching... Always watching!

Keep your scare score up high and avoid being beaten by Randall and Jeff! (They're up to something, I can just feel it)

Join Mike and Sulley in this interactive LEGO experience, and watch out for the 23-19!

Fun for those who love to play with LEGO and those who like to collect. However, just make you "Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!"


When I'm not building LEGO in my free time I'm a Home and Garden Designer. I've never designed an existing IP before, so this was a new challenge. There is some creative licence in my build, but it was a lot of fun working with a design that already exists and using it in a functional way to be played with or easily displayed.

I think out of all the existing LEGO sets out there, Monsters Inc just hasn't made it out on top yet and deserves it's time to shine!

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